Christian Holidays  or Pagan Celebrations?

Most of us have been raised with the celebrations of Christmas with the tree and lights and presents, with Easter involving searching for colored eggs and bunny rabbits, Valentine's Day in giving something special to our loved ones, Thanksgiving with a huge turkey dinner, and Halloween going trick or treating to reap bags of candy for free; but what is the truth behind these celebrations?   Are they really Christian at all?  Or do they all have pagan derivations and origins we should not be practicing? And have some of these origins been replaced with true Christian values? What does Yahweh think about it? As we are well into the end times now, anticipating the second coming soon, it behooves us to search out the truth in these matters.  It boils down to "who do you worship" ; pagan gods or the true Yahweh, the God of spiritual Israel?  What you will find in these sites listed below will be disturbing to you who have not done this research before. To participate in pagan celebrations unknowingly is one thing; to continue on with those celebrations once you have been led to the truth is another matter. If you don't want to know, then continue on in blind stupor and take your chances. Going to heaven or not is serious business. If you want to show your allegiance to the true Yahweh, then study what is offered here and adjust your lives accordingly to be more in tune with what Yahweh wants of us.

I have included these sites here because you need the knowledge of what is truly going on with  these celebrations, and most religious people, focusing on the second coming of Jesus, aren't into  cat and dog fights over pagan origins, traditions, and customs.  But knowledgable Christians are simply non-participants in these so called Christian holidays that really aren't Christian. We hated to give up Christmas, but had no choice after we learned about it.

God's Holidays are well defined and can be found  here. 

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