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The purpose of this website is to allow people who can't afford to have a web 
presence or lack the knowledge to do so, to develop a web presence in order to improve their communications, especially regarding programs they have joined to produce income, to be able to better provide for their families. In a nutshell I will post your own page(s) on this site for you to use at no cost to you.  You simply have to provide me with the content you want to use either in an email or a word document. I do maintain the right to reject content if it is inappropriate. 
An example is found at which has a link on it to direct people to her free affiliate site where they can learn more about the product, watch videos, read articles, and place orders so she earns affiliate commissions, all at no cost to her. There are normally no links on this homepage to the people's pages I have prepared for them. Another example can be found at   Similar situation. She promotes and advertises that page which contains much information on what the product does and contains her link to her Cerma affiliate page  where they can purchase product she receives affiliate commissions on.  Again, all at no cost to her. EMail me if you are interested in this.

This is a Christian site which  promotes the good news of the Gospel and has links to enhance your knowledge of salvation. Jesus is coming soon and there are things you need to know that determine where your spirit journeys to at death. Hell is not a place you want to end up at. Study The parachute of Jesus.

This is  also a place to bring you information on various subjects you may wish to know about that can maintain your health and well being.

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